Our Mission

To manage the values ​​in the stable best “way with our corporate structure, customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential, by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality approach, based on value creation. SUNKAR standards, which always provide high quality by using the latest technological facilities in engineering and management sciences, are based on internationally accepted quality standards. Keeping customer satisfaction as a priority and maintaining respect for humanity, nature, environment and society on the basis of its understanding of excellence, and positioning social responsibility against today’s and future generations as part of the corporate culture, while planning the work of SUNKAR , the formation of sustainable projects of social responsibility, in terms of benefits to be provided to Turkey and the world, believes it is important. It focuses on this principle and focuses on sustainability in social projects. Our mission is to be a leading company in machinery, mining and construction sector by spreading this awareness with exemplary projects by acting with environmental awareness. To ensure the employment of the human resources having the best qualifications with the human resources of which mutual trust and respect are dominant.